Monday, 16 May 2011

Slowly but surely ...

Sheesh!  You know, when I decided to make this YA book of mine a reality at the beginning of the year, I conveniently forgot to mention a few rather important things, the most important of which being this:  life, dear friends, really has a way of keeping you from writing.  Particularly when you have a full time job and only get to scribble your novel out during your break. 

It's so true.  I was so set on having this book ready for publication -- or, at the very least, submission to beta readers -- by the middle of May.  And now it's the middle of May and I'm still not done my draft.  Argh.  ARGH.

Oh well.  Naught to do but soldier on, I guess.  It will get finished sooner or later, right?  And when that happens, I can hop back into my alter ego's shoes and work on that other book that's scrambling for my attention.  The day can't come fast enough, I think. 

In the interim, however, I wish everyone a warm,  sunshine-filled week, and happy writing!

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  1. Life has a weird way of getting in the way of writing goals ALL THE TIME ;) I'm always having to reset my self-imposed deadlines. Good luck!